Sweeper Collection Ride On Lawn Mowers

We are currently offering Free Delivery on all Ride-on Lawnmowers within a 20 mile radius of Salisbury.

Make quick work of grass and leaf collection with a Sweeper Collection Ride-on Lawnmower from Salisbury Garden Machinery. Leave your garden in pristine condition by ensuring that your lawn mower collects as much debris as possible. Make your life easier by saving time, hassle and energy with a Ride-on Lawnmower that 'sweeps' up for you!

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Countax C60H Ride On Lawn Tractor With PGC

A mid-range garden tractor, highly capable for most applications The new C60 garden tractor is the ‘stalwart’ of the Countax range.

£5,300.00 INC. VAT

Countax B65 4Trac Ride On Lawnmower With PGC

A Countax tractor with the added benefit of four-wheel drive

The unique 4TRAC four wheel drive system turns a Countax into a ‘go anywhere, mow anywhere’ utility vehicle capable of tackling slopes, mud and rough terrain.

Four wheel drive extends the tractor’s utility even further. With a B Series you can take your Countax to places where most ‘ride on mowers’ can’t go. Safely mow slopes that previously required a brushcutter to clear. Tow a trailer through a muddy copse or clear the snow from your drive.

£7,100.00 INC. VAT

Countax A25/50H Lawn Tractor With PGC

The A Series is Countax’s premium range of larger garden tractors. The two models available – the A25-50HE and the diesel A230D – have a host of features and a commercial-grade, heavy-duty chassis.

£7,600.00 INC. VAT

Countax B255 4TRac Ride On Lawnmower With PGC

A 4×4 tractor with a powerful 726cc engine

The unique B250 features 4TRAC four-wheel drive technology. Combine this with 54.3NM of torque provided by the Kawasaki engine, and this tractor becomes a formidable force in any garden with slopes or difficult terrain.

£7,850.00 INC. VAT

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