At Salisbury Garden Machinery, our team of garden machine professionals are at hand to share their expertise with you and help you make the right choice in garden products. Amongst our catalogue of products is our range of hedgecutters and hedge trimmers. With our catalogue including cordless hedgecutters, long reach hedgecutters and even petrol hedgecutters, we should have something in store for your hedgecutter needs.

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SHT 100 AE Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Powerful, precise and safe, this cordless hedge trimmer will get your garden into shape quickly and easily.

SHT 100 AE (2.0 Ah)

Cordless hedge trimmer

£109.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HSA 45 Cordless Hedgecutter

A very light cordless hedge trimmer with good cutting performance for trimming branches in your home's outdoor spaces. Single-sided cutter blade with 24 mm tooth spacing, integrated cut protection, screw-on tip protector, integrated battery with charge level indicator. Weight: 2.3 kg. Battery charging time: 145 min/210 min (80%/100%).Approximate working time up to 40 minutes.

£119.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HSA 26

The HSA 26 battery-powered handheld shrub shears are brilliant for use in small and large gardens alike, as they make pruning small-leaved trees and shrubs so easy!

£119.00 INC. VAT

SHT 500AE Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The STIGA SHT 500 AE hedge trimmer has a next-generation battery motor that allows you to work with maximum freedom and comfort, ensuring low vibrations and less maintenance, as well as quiet and zero emissions.

(Battery and Charger Not Included.)

£129.00 INC. VAT

HSA 50 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Lightweight and quiet cordless hedge trimmer for trimming bushes, shrubs, and medium-sized hedges. Laser-cut, diamond-ground and hardened blades, blade geometry in a patented teardrop shape for perfect cuts and a healthy hedge. 

(Shell Only.)

£149.00 INC. VAT

SMT 100 AE Multi Tool

Adaptable and lightweight, with the SMT 100 multi tool, there’s no need to climb ladders to take care of tall bushes and trees.

SMT 100 AE (4.0 Ah)

Cordless garden multi tool

£199.00 INC. VAT

SHT 700 AE Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Powerful, continuous cutting is the hallmark of the SHT 700 cordless hedge trimmer. (Battery and Charger Not Included.)

£199.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HLA56 Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

This is the perfect tool to cut taller hedges and shrubs in your garden.

(Battery And Charger Not Included).

£215.00 INC. VAT

HSA 60 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Cordless hedge trimmer with very powerful cutting performance for demanding applications, such as trimming bushes and tall hedges.

(Shell Only.)

£219.00 INC. VAT

SPH 700 AE Cordless L/ Reach Hedge Cutter

Reaching an impressive cutting height of 4.30m, the SPH 700 AE pole hedger balances form with function.(Battery and Charger Not Included.)

£235.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HS45 18" Hedgecutter

The compact HS 45 is perfect for trimming jobs around the garden. With 2-MIX technology providing outstanding performance. 


£270.00 INC. VAT

HS45 24" Hedgecutter

The compact HS 45 is perfect for trimming jobs around the garden. With 2-MIX technology providing outstanding performance. Also available in 60cm/24".

£280.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HSA 100 Cordless Hedge Cutter

The HSA 100 is a powerful professional hedge trimmer for use in noise-sensitive areas, nurseries, landscape maintenance, and groundskeeping operations. Powered by a powerful 36 V Lithium-Ion battery and part of the STIHL AP System, it’s ideal for maintaining all types of hedges, and for trimming and pruning anything from thin branches to thick shoots that are many years old.

(Shell Only.)

£300.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HLA 66 Cordless Hedgecutter

The HLA 66 is a new professional lightweight cordless long-reach hedge trimmer in the AP system product range.

(Shell Only).

£325.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HS 46 C-E 22" Hedgecutter

The STIHL HS 46 C-E at 4.3kg is the lightest petrol hedge trimmer in the STIHL range.

£430.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HLA 86 Cordless Longreach Hedgecutter

The HLA 86 battery-powered long reach hedge trimmer that delivers a powerful but quiet performance when trimming tall or wide hedges and shrubs.

(Shell Only.)

£460.00 INC. VAT

HS56 C-E 24" Hedgecutter

The STIHL HS 56 C-E is the first petrol hedge trimmer designed for semi-professional use. If you are looking for a robust, lightweight hedge trimmer that is easy to start and a dream to use then look no further.

£485.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HS87 T 30" Hedgecutter

Professional hedge trimmers with 2-Mix engine technology. The single sided cutting blade offers excellent balance and control.

£570.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HS82 RCE 24" Hedgecutter

Professional hedge trimmer with 2-Mix engine technology. The HS 82 R boasts a double sided cutting blade designed to cut through the toughest of hedges. The reliable, durable blades and gearbox will cope with a variety of uses, whether it's the first cut of the season or general maintenance. With a reduction in weight and increased efficiency, these machines will make light work of all trimming tasks

£600.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HS82 T 24" Hedgecutter

Professional hedge trimmer with 2-Mix engine technology. Boasting a double sided cutting blade designed to cut and shape the finest formal hedges.

£600.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HL 92 C-E Long Reach Hedgecutter

Long reach hedge trimmer for landscaping and property maintenance. Well balanced and light, this tool is perfect for tall hedges and working close to the ground. The efficient 2-MIX engine with ECOSPEED load control is ideal for working in noise sensitive areas. Features STIHL Ergostart for easy starting and versatile 145 degree adjustable cutter bar for different working angles.

£725.00 INC. VAT

Stihl HL94 C-E Long Reach Hedgecutter

For professional work on high hedges and use near the ground. Reduced-weight transmission, 2-MIX engine with ECOSPEED for speed control when working for long periods in noise-sensitive areas, STIHL ErgoStart, cutter bar adjustable by 145°. Total length: 242 cm.

£800.00 INC. VAT

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